Listing Cardano native assets on an exchange

There currently are many native assets running on Cardano, and new ones are added daily. Some of these native assets have done well in the crypto marketplace, where community members and financial institutions have shown interest and made investments. A non-exhaustive list of native assets running on Cardano is available.

Going public with Cardano native assets

Token creators have two options to make their tokens available to the public:

  • they can sell the native asset privately in a token sale, or

  • use an exchange (i.e., list the native asset on an exchange while adhering to the exchange’s policies and guidelines)

Private token sale

Native asset creators intending to sell their tokens privately should conduct due diligence and research before deciding what is the best route to commercialize their tokens.

Listing your token on an exchange’s marketplace

Native asset creators might decide to use an exchange to list and sell their tokens. Every exchange operates by their own specific set of rules, guidelines, and legal policies regarding token listing.

Cardano can help in answering any questions from a technical perspective only. We can address issues such as the token creation, minting, burning, etc., while any questions related to the listing process should be directed to the respective exchange.

If you have created a native asset and intend to list it on an exchange, we suggest consulting with the exchange directly beforehand. Most exchanges have an email address on their website that you can use to start the listing process and answer any questions you might have.

Need technical support with your token?

The Cardano Foundation is the first point of contact regarding technical support for exchanges. If you have any technical issues or questions, contact the Cardano Foundation on the usual support channel, or alternatively, open a support ticket.